Literacy and Women’s History Month

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March is Women’s History Month, a time to reflect on the contributions and progress women have made throughout history and around the world. This month is also a time to celebrate the different ways women are continuing to change their communities and individual lives. LCNV learner Farhat’s essay discusses her desire to be a “completely free woman” after moving to the United States. Though English is a struggle for Farhat, she knows that mastering the language is key to reaching her goal. You can support the many women like Farhat learning English in LCNV’s programs. Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution here.

“Hello, my name is Farhat. I am 44 years old. I have 4 children. I am from Pakistan. I made the decision [to come here] for freedom. It was hard getting all the requirements to come to the U.S. but I did it. I have tried English before but given up. Now I want to learn so that I can be a completely free woman. Most of my family is in Pakistan. I do miss my family a lot.

My goal is to learn English completely. English is hard but easy once you learn. I study a lot. It makes it easier to talk to people and that’s why I love it.”


“I’m Learning English to Go to College”

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LCNV is the on-ramp for adult education in Northern Virginia. Many learners enroll in LCNV classes with the goal of moving to higher levels of education, or discovering new educational and career opportunities with the support of LCNV’s advising program. For LCNV learner Shaza, education begins with LCNV, but will continue at a college level. Shaza is in LCNV’s Family Learning Program now, and she plans to use the knowledge she gains at LCNV to pursue her college degree. Shaza’s story is a reminder of the importance of accessible education for adults at all levels of learning. If you would like to support accessible adult education in Northern Virginia, click here.

“I’m learning English to go to college. Learning English makes me feel happy. My goal in learning English is to learn more.

I am learning English in order to join the University, study in the college of fine arts and interior design, and to help my children study. Learning English makes me feel happy and relaxed. My goal in learning English is to become a decorative engineer or a plastic artist [and to be] a successful mother. I am proud of my children and my parents and my husband.”

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