“Successes of a Young Woman”

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LCNV learner Widad became an architect as a young woman while living in Algeria. While there, she advanced rapidly in her career while working for an architecture firm. However, Widad’s life changed when she moved to the United States. Without an understanding of English, Widad was overwhelmed by her new country. She needed to relearn the basics of everyday life and get used to the new environment of the United States. LCNV’s classes, combined with Widad’s hard work, gave her the ability to reclaim her independence and continue her studies. If you would like to support the futures of women like Widad, click here.
“Ambition is spiritual energy in human life, is the force that drives us towards a bright future. The ambition for me is the title of a circle around three things: dream, hope, and challenge, [which is] either a failure or a success. This circle is repeated with every dream.
My name is the title of my story, which started from North Africa. I am thirty three years old. One year ago, I lived in my country of Algeria where I achieved the most important successes of a young woman. First, I was superior in my studies and became an Architect. I worked for a government architectural company for seven years. I was very successful in my work and very happy in my life. After that, I married, but my husband lives in the U.S.A., which means I’ll go live there. At that time I did not realize the difficulty of it. I was giving up all I had achieved in my country. I was leaving my family and my friends. After arriving in the U.S.A. I felt a great difference between the two environments. I did not have enough information about my new environment. I was frustrated because I was betting my future on the unknown, and I was saying it was too late to start again.
I could not do the simplest things. For example: driving, going out alone, and communicating with people. This made me feel distrust in myself and instability.
Later, I met people who lived the same experience, and I noticed their success in the U.S.A. I thought that if they could succeed, I could too. I began to ask myself, how to find my way to happiness. I decided to enter the circle of life again, to continue what I was doing in my country. I began to read and develop my knowledge about this country, and its culture and traditions. I met some friends from my new country. I found them very nice people, which reduced my sense of tension and anxiety.
Then I set myself a few simple goals to help me adapt to them. For example, learning the language, [get the] equivalent to my university degree, to continue my education, [get my] drivers’ license, and to work to practice and improve language.
Three months ago, I started studying ESOL [at LCNV] and to continue my education I enrolled in NoVa college. Now I feel better in my language. Finally, I hope to make a respectable place in this community. I realize that if the plan doesn’t work, change the plan, but never the goal. There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.”

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