“We All Speak English”

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English strengthens communities, something that LCNV learner Mary knows well. Mary began learning English at work, by listening and asking questions. Eventually, she found LCNV’s classes, and was able to study English formally. Mary is receiving more than English education in LCNV’s classes, she is becoming a part of a larger community.

Mary’s story is inspiring, like the stories of so many other LCNV learners. Today, on Spring2ACTion, we hope that you will support learners like Mary to improve their lives with English education, and thank you for welcoming these adult learners into your community: http://bit.ly/2HnsPky

“I began to learn English at my work by listening and by asking questions. Before I cannot speak English; now I want to learn English. Now I am living in the U.S. I want to be a part of the English speaking community. I began to study English at the church. When I began to study English I met new people and made new friends. When I learn English I found many friends at the English class. We did crafts, we made baskets and jewelry. We made quilts together. Then we all speak English.”

“This is My First Step”

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All immigrants to the United States find their own ways to acclimate to a new culture. For LCNV learner Shaheen, learning to speak English was his way to become a part of his adopted country. Like some of LCNV’s other learners, Shaheen studied English prior to coming to the U.S., but he could not speak it fluently. Through LCNV’s programs, Shaheen is able to increase his independence and begin to feel like a member of his new community.

You can support learners like Shaheen. Please consider making a donation today.

“My name is Shaheen. I am from India. I studied English in my country but I can’t speak fluently. I’ve been living in the USA for ten years. I didn’t face any difficulties with language because I work in an Indian store. At the workplace they speak in Urdu language. The rest of the [things] like shopping, doctor’s appointments, and paying bills my family members managed for me.

So I lived in the USA but I felt like I was still in India. I wanted to mentally come out of India. That is why I took the first step and I joined the English class. I want to do everything myself. I don’t want to depend on anyone. This is my first step in an English community.”

“My Family Could Not Understand Me”

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Learning English is often seen as a critical step for individuals to communicate with the outside world, but what if your need for language kept you from communicating with your own family? LCNV learner Linh experienced this situation, which spurred her desire to learn English. When Linh emigrated from Vietnam, she found that her family in America used English in their daily communication. Luckily, Linh discovered LCNV’s classes, where she is able to practice her English in order to better communicate with her family. You can support the education of learners like Linh here.

“By learning English now I can speak my opinions and speak with family. Before, my family could not understand me. It makes me happy to [share with] my family my experiences living in Vietnam. Learning English helps me go shopping and order food and take the metro.”

“I Owe It All To My Teacher”

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LCNV’s instructors give beginning-level English language learners the support they need to advance in their academic pursuits, ultimately enabling them to thrive in their communities. LCNV learner Fatima writes about how important her instructor is in her essay, “The USA.” Fatima is an immigrant who never attended school in her home country, and is finally receiving the education she desires with LCNV. Education has opened up a world of possibilities to Fatima. She is becoming literate, learning about US civics, and working to attain her citizenship. All the while, her class instructor serves as the backbone for her growth. “I owe it all to my teacher,” states Fatima.

You can help learners like Fatima seize new opportunities by volunteering with LCNV. Consider attending an upcoming volunteer orientation to learn more about how you can help.

“What I want Americans to know about my life in America is that for me, America is the land of opportunity. America is the land of freedom and a better life. I came to America in 2010. I never went to school in my country. America gave me the opportunity to go to school. Now I am studying English.

I am learning to speak, read, and write. Now I am working to earn my US citizenship. I am learning about the history and government of the United States. I think it is great to learn about the US. It is all new for me. I like to learn about the different states. I owe it all to my teacher.”

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