Hong’s Story

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This week is the last chance to sign up for LCNV’s summer English classes. Do you know someone who needs to learn English? Do you struggle with speaking, reading, writing, and understanding English? Click here for sign-up opportunities.

Today, we celebrate Hong’s story, in which she describes her decision to learn English:

“Four years ago I came to the USA. I had a lot of things that kept me preoccupied. I couldn’t drive, I had no job, no English and I couldn’t even go out alone because I was scared. So, I knew I had to learn English. However, the English language is very, very hard for me, an older woman and [I am] busy.

I tried hard to study English. Now my English is so so. I can hear and talk a little bit, but I’m really happy because I now understand what people say.

I am thankful for English teachers because they teach me a lot of things and this helps me to have a better life.

I hope in the near future I can have confidence to do anything, when before I couldn’t.


Celebrate Learners like Martha

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Save the date for June 21st, 2018! Join the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia for our 56th Annual Recognition Ceremony, an evening celebrating the incredible work of LCNV’s students, community partners, volunteers, and instructors. Students will read essays based around this year’s theme of “Learning English Improves My Life”. Special guest Aimee Cho, Reporter for NBC News4 Washington, will deliver keynote remarks. A dessert reception will follow the event. This ceremony will occur at the James Lee Community Center Theater from 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM.

The Annual Recognition Ceremony is a chance to celebrate LCNV learners like Martha, whose essay discusses her reasons for learning English. Read Martha’s essay below:

“I can read books to my children. I also have been able to understand my children better and I can watch movies in English. For these reasons I like to learn English because I can talk with my children in English. When I go to the store I can understand better. I want to learn more English because it is very important for me to learn and understand the language.”

“I’m Devoting Myself to Learning English”

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LCNV learner Mazonina can attest to the fact that it’s never too late to start learning English. Mazonina arrived in the United States 10 years ago with the dream of giving her daughters more opportunities. Now that Mazonina’s daughters have established themselves, she is able to devote time to her own education. As an LCNV student, Mazonina can ensure that she will have the language needed to take care of herself. LCNV’s classes are open to all beginning-level adults who need to learn the basics of reading, writing, speaking, and understanding English.

If you or someone you know needs English classes, visit LCNV’s website or call 703-287-0866 for more information. Summer 2018 class sign-ups are happening now.

“My name is Mazonina. I’m Brazilian. I have two daughters. I have a girl and a boy who are my grandchildren. I’ve been in the United States for 10 years. I came to this country [so] my daughters [can] study and have an opportunity for a better future. I’m studying English. [It is] difficult [to] speak English.

I moved to this country with two underage daughters and with much hope. Only one daughter spoke a little English. I worked hard to give my daughters a better life. Today the two are married and speak English very well. One is trained in administration and the other is two years away from the university. Now I’m devoting myself to learning English and taking better care of myself.

Thank God that I have achieved my goal [for] my daughters.”

“Learning Changes My Life”

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LCNV’s classes are the beginning of an education continuum in Northern Virginia; a first step towards a path of self-sufficiency and independence in the United States. LCNV learner Rachida knows this well, as an English language learner with dreams of eventually becoming a dentist. In her essay, Rachida writes about the newfound abilities that she has gained with English, from writing emails to going to the doctor alone. It is also clear that Rachida has gained confidence in the possibility of finding a better job. Learning English is hard work, but with a commitment to lifelong learning, Rachida will eventually reach her goals.

Do you know someone who needs to learn English? LCNV’s summer class registration is now open. Visit lcnv.org/students/class-schedule for registration times and locations, or call 703-237-0866 for more information.

“It is important to take English classes because of many reasons. First of all, it helps me improve myself so I can make contact easily with people in this country without feeling shy. Second, I will have a lot of chances to get a lot of better jobs. For example, I would like to be a dentist, but I want to start as a dental assistant as a beginning. Third, I can live my life usefully without any problems. [I can] go to the doctor alone without any help, write emails and make appointments and make successful interviews. Finally, learning English is really changing my life to the best because of all these benefits.

In conclusion, we should always learn something in our lives for our improvement like learning English. So any person has to search, learn and not give up.”

“English Helps Me to Start a Brighter Life”

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LCNV learner Henok knows that learning English changes lives. From getting a job to making a call, English is an essential part of communicating in the United States. For so many learners like Henok, finding English classes is what sets them on their way to success in the United States. Learning English truly does help to “start a brighter life in America.

Do you struggle with English? Do you have friends or family members who have difficulty with reading, writing, speaking, or understanding English? LCNV’s summer class schedule with sign-up events beginning May 7 is available now. Click here for dates and details.

“I am learning English to feel more free. Because I need to learn English for personal use. For example: answering cell phone, job interview, and attending school.

Generally, learning more English helps me to start a brighter life in America.”

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