Forida’s Story

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With literacy, adults help all of their family members thrive. From assisting children with homework to building community, adult literacy is often at the heart of a happy family. LCNV learner Forida explains that literacy has helped her in her household, her career, and her community in her essay, below. LCNV class sign-up will begin in August, email for more information.

“Now I can talk to and understand my children when they speak English. Now I understand what my child’s homework means even if he doesn’t understand it himself. Now that I have learned English, I can get a job. I don’t have to worry any more about learning English.

Now that I have learned English, I can talk to and help my neighbors. Sometime I spend time with my neighbors talking about a lot of languages. I also practice English with my relatives so I can learn more and if I make mistakes, they correct me.”

“It’s Never Too Late to Learn English”

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As fall approaches, so does a new opportunity to learn English with LCNV. Our fall schedule will be released soon, featuring a multitude of class opportunities throughout Northern Virginia. Many new learners are nervous about taking English classes for the first time, but LCNV learner Dania writes that anyone can learn English for any number of compelling reasons in her essay, below. Call 703-237-0866 for more information about upcoming classes.

“It’s never too late to learn English. I’m from Bolivia. I’m 47 years old and for me it is very important to learn English because I live in a country where English is the first language. I consider myself to be a social and communicative person who loves to have a conversation anywhere I go or stay with the people around me.

Also, my husband speaks only English and many times I feel bad when we have a conversation and I can’t express myself and I don’t understand him. When we have to text by phone, I always send short messages.

Learning English will improve my job and I will have better pay.”

“I Need to Continue Studying English”

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Oftentimes, it is easy to forget the ways in which English plays a role in small but significant parts of our lives. LCNV learner Hugo lists many of the significant changes that learning English has made in his life (the ability to make new friends and go to the doctor) but also mentions small tasks that he was previously unable to do. From reading recipes to watching movies, English has empowered Hugo to take part in the day to day activities which encourage a better life.

“I think that English is very important because wherever you go, you need to communicate. And if you speak English, you get a better job. Also, you need English to visit the doctor and read the recipes.

English allows me to read books, write, listen to music, watch movies and news, and be able to use a computer to open a bank account. English helps me meet new people and make new friends. That’s why I need to continue studying English to learn more.”

“My Experience in United States of America “

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Happy July 4th! As part of the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia’s curriculum, LCNV learners receive classroom instruction about the history of the United States of America. In her essay, LCNV learner Patricia reflects on America’s education system, holidays and festivities, and citizens. Celebrate Independence Day with Patricia’s words, below:

“I had visited the United States on two occasions as a tourist, years after my husband agree to make a living in this country, when we took this step, we were informed what our rights and obligations would be, which we are trying to accomplish each and every day.

America has many things that I like, such as:

Education. The education and different programs are offered to young students so they can be productive young people, free school transportation, sports. And the easy use of technology where we get to know the grades of students, the counseling students get to know classes to take. Also can help them have a better chance of getting a good college and the young who are not sure what to study.

The holidays, knowing the different days of festivities celebrating this country, which allows us to celebrate with family and adopt new traditions, because I enjoy the easy off on holidays. Different visited parks, monuments with the family and my favorite holidays are July 4th, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

People. I have had the opportunity to work with very special people in this country who have made me feel part of their family. I thank God for giving me this opportunity to live in this country.”

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