AEFL Week 2018: Gip’s Story

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This week marks Adult Education and Family Literacy Week, signifying the importance of adult education in the United States. Over 36 million adults nationwide lack basic literacy and numeracy skills, which effects their livelihoods and the lives of their family members. LCNV learner Gip has lived in the U.S. for over a year, and knows the importance of learning English for his family and his work.

You can help advocate for adult education in your own neighborhood! Remind anyone interested that the last chance to sign up for fall English classes with LCNV is this Saturday from 3:00-6:00 PM at the James Lee Community Center! Click here for more details, and read Gip’s story below.

“I have been in America for a year now. I live here with my family of four: my wife, my daughter, my son and me. Since I learned English from [my dedicated teacher,] it has helped me a lot in my life and work, and I am very thankful to the teacher. I love America.”

“I Understand Better Every Day”

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One of the cornerstones of LCNV’s programs is their accessibility at different times throughout Northern Virginia. For LCNV learners like Kelly, finding classes that fit within her busy schedule helps her learn English. LCNV’s class options in the day and the night mean that all learners can find a time to learn English!

The last opportunity to sign up for fall LCNV English class is Saturday, September 29 from 3-6 PM at the James Lee Community Center. Follow this link for more information, and read Kelly’s story below.

“When I came to the USA, I didn’t understand and didn’t speak any English. I couldn’t communicate with other people. I felt very frustrated. After a few months I went to English class to improve my life. Now I can speak a little English and I can communicate with other people. I want to continue learning English to improve my life and to find a better job. I want to have more time for learning English but because of my job I sometimes can’t. But I feel good because I understand better every day.”

“My Life Will be Better”

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LCNV learner Doan grew up in Vietnam and came to the United States in 2011 without any understanding of the English language. Doan knew that learning English was key to creating a a sense of community in his new country. He began studying with LCNV to improve his literacy. Thanks to Doan’s hard work and newfound understanding of English, he was able to attain US citizenship, and is continuing his language learning to find a better job and improve his life. If you know someone like Doan, share LCNV’s fall 2018 class schedule with them. Classes are available throughout Northern Virginia.

“I was born and grew up in Vietnam. I have lived here since December 2011. When I came to the United States I did not know English. I did not speak or understand English. Even when I went outside, I was very nervous and scared when I was face to face with Americans because I was scared that they would ask me [a question] and I [wouldn’t be able to] answer what they asked. Finally I thought that I should study English [so that] I will be able to communicate with everyone. Right now I am more confident and I know a little English.

I think that studying English has helped me. For example, I can speak and understand English much better. In September, 2016 I applied for the citizenship test, and on April 4th, 2017 I became a US citizen. I felt happy when I became a US citizen. Although I know a little English, I want to learn [to speak] English better. I think that a second language is very difficult for me. If I learn [to speak] English better, I think that I will get a better job and my life will be better.”

Erika’s Story

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Until she learned English, LCNV learner Erika struggled to explain her health concerns to her doctor, to assist her daughters with their homework, and to understand the world around her. All this changed after she came to LCNV. Do you know someone like Erika? If so, share LCNV’s 2018 class schedule with them. LCNV has English classes at convenient times and locations throughout Northern Virginia. Read Erika’s story, below:

“Before it was hard for me to understand and to explain to the doctor the reason for my problems. But since I started English it’s much easier for me.
I can help my daughters with their homework and understand what they say on the news.”

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