“Since learning English, I feel a change in my brain, in my knowledge, in my experience.”

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Language is not just a channel for communication, but also a key that can open new doors in life and inspire new thoughts. As LCNV learner Kalid states in his essay, “Since learning English, I feel a change in my brain, in my knowledge, in my experience.” This week, we want to share his story on how English opens doors for him.

Knowing that our programs help beginning-level English learners grow more confident and self-realized with their new language skills motivates LCNV to provide our learners with quality programs and fulfill our promise.

“I am writing about how important English is for me. Everybody knows how important language is all around the world. The English language is like other languages but it is the international language. Since learning English, I feel a change in my brain, in my knowledge, in my experience, I have knowledge to apply for jobs, to call various offices in different sections that have relations to my interest. The other sides of my life, my basic and necessary things, I can manage in English. Also I can connect with new friends who come from different countries and various cultures. I will try planning how I can increase my information and education. Learning English will help me to achieve my goals and my points. I have respect for my teachers and my classmates. I want to send them full greetings and full loving so that I say that my heart is with you. I wish you, too, achieve your goals.”

If you would like to help beginning English learners find their voice in English, volunteer with LCNV! Attend our LCNV 101 information session tonight at the James Lee Community Center or contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Amy Tristan at volunteers@lcnv.org to get started.

Qandi’s Story

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Featured image: An LCNV Family Learning Class engaging in a Parent and Child Together Time (PACT) Activity

Today we want to share a piece written by Qandi. It is brief and beautifully real and poetic. From the short lines, we can almost see her sitting there, thinking, writing in a language that used to be (and in many ways still is) foreign to her, telling the story of her life – a story that gently resonates with the nostalgic feelings that live within all of us.

“Hello, my name is Qandi. I’m from Afghanistan. I have five children. I have been married for 23 years. I am a housewife and I have never worked outside the home. I could not study when I was a child because of the war in Afghanistan. Today, for the first time, when I start to draw, I feel very happy and for a second I get to remember my childhood.”

It is stories like these that remind us of the promise of adult language education, and make all of us at LCNV proud to be able to offer such opportunities to the most beginning-level learners who have come to call the U.S. “home”. To help LCNV support our learners like Qandi, volunteer or make a donation today.

“I Thank Her Infinitely for All Her Help.”

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thank you 11.JPG

When Candida, who is originally from Nicaragua,came to Virginia, she did not know how to speak English.She credits the support of her social worker and LCNV’s financial aid options for making learning English possible. She is most grateful for the experiences gained, encouragement received, and people she met throughout her process of finding her feet in Virginia. In her essay, Candida expresses her gratitude for all the people who helped her to make Virginia her home.

“I came to Virginia on vacation and I stayed. Here I found very nice people who helped me to get ahead. My social worker, who is a very good person, told me to study English. I told her I was very old and she answered that there is no age limit to study. It was then that I entered this class with a scholarship because I could not pay for it. My social worker’s name is Martha Fizsemon – I thank her infinitely for all her help. I have a lot of love, respect, gratitude and admiration for her.
This course gave me the opportunity to meet my three teachers who I love very much and I want to thank them for their intense desire that we learn this beautiful language. I have also been pleased to meet my colleagues of various nationalities who are very good people and I have grown fond of them. Thank you Mrs. Kathy, Sharon, and Maryanne, for giving us your knowledge.”

Candida’s gratitude resonates with the whole team at LCNV. It is with thanks to generous donations that LCNV was able to provide 200 scholarships to learners like Candida last year. The gifts of your time and treasures help bring new opportunities into our learners’ lives. Thank you for making a difference!

Gabriel’s Motivation

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Gabriel expresses what gives her the drive and the motivation to learn English and make improvements. Her essay is short, but her positivity, kindness, and hopeful outlook for a better tomorrow overflow on the page. At LCNV, this kind of passion from our ELL learners motivates us every day. Enjoy Gabriel’s essay below:

“Since I started my English class, I started to understand what is happening around me. I know that I am responsible for learning this language. Very soon I can get a better job and I can express my opinions at work. I can be more sociable and can go to eat at any restaurant, and I can express my opinion to help other people. I know that my effort will be worth it because I am on the way to learning and I will soon reach my goal.”

If you are also motivated by Gabriel’s words, you can support LCNV by volunteering or make a donation today. You can also make a difference while you shop Amazon Prime Day deals on July 15 & 16 – simply shop at smile.amazon.com/ch/23-7098748 and AmazonSmile donates to Literacy Council of Northern Virginia, Inc.

“We can Choose the Future of the Country”

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Independence Day is approaching! At Literacy Council of Northern Virginia, it is a day we celebrate freedom, history, and individuality with our community. Celenia’s essay reflects on how education is an integral part for her – not only to grow without fear, but more importantly, be able to “choose the future of the country”.

Celebrate United States’ Independence with her powerful words:

“Education is important for me because it helps me to make a better future. Voting in elections is important because we can choose the future of the country. Become a citizen to be able to speak or vote without fear of anything. Grow in a country that is not yours [and] feeling safe and supported [from] racist people. [I] want to have the same respect to people of different color or race.”

If you are inspired by Celenia’s words and motivation to learn English, support LCNV  by volunteering or making a donation today!

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