“Thanks to LCNV for giving me such a good opportunity to study.”

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Happy back-to-school season! This week, LCNV started our registration process for fall classes. As we welcome new and familiar learners to our classes, we would like to share Jin Feng’s journey as an LCNV learner with you:

I have been studying English for three years. Before learning English, I just spoke very common words. When I learned more English, I started using new words and making good sentences.

By learning English, my life is better and I am more confident, both in life and at work. Because I am living in the United States, learning English is very important wherever you go because you need to communicate with people. Examples: making doctor’s appointments, reading children’s teacher’s emails, making bank deposits and shopping and so on. You must communicate in English. By learning English, I feel more relaxed in my life, I make more friends, and I can communicate with my friends by text so we can practice English with each other.

By learning English, last year I successfully passed the exam for American citizenship and I got a customer service certificate.

Although I am not very fluent in English, I will continue to learn to improve myself. Thanks to LCNV for giving me such a good opportunity to study.


Would you like to learn or improve your English this year? Do you know somebody who wants to learn English? LCNV has beginning-level classes throughout Northern Virginia – visit our website and enroll with LCNV this fall. View our Fall Schedule here and attend one of our many sign-up opportunities, beginning Monday, August 26, through Thursday, September 12.

“It’s surprising what I can do when I can understand the language.”

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What makes you feel an integral part of a community?

It is not only the ability to work, live, and support yourself through daily routines, but more importantly, it is being connected with the environment around you, and being able to easily access the lifestyle you want. These basic needs – which come so naturally that they often go unnoticed for many of us – can be a huge barrier for someone for whom English is not their first language.

Today, we would like to share Diana’s story with you.

As Diana first settled down in the United States, she felt “isolated” from the community and was not able to do anything without her fiancée. However, after she started to learn English and improve her language skills, she could once again access what she enjoys in life, such as being able to have food “in the way she likes it”, talk to people about topics that she’s interested in, as well as read and watch shows freely. We are delighted to see that as Diana improves her English and is able to access more resources, she is gradually more connected to the community she lives in, and have the feeling to finally call where she lives “home”.


“Hi, my name is Diana. I’m from Colombia. I arrived here one year ago. I live in Springfield, VA, with my fiancée. I’m going to get married soon. I’m so excited to be able to say my vows in English. My native tongue is Spanish. By learning English I can do many things that I couldn’t do in my community, school, work and my daily life.

Since taking English classes, I can buy groceries, toiletries, shoes, clothes, and different things in many places. If my fiancée can’t take me to work, I can take the bus or train and can ask how to get back home. Also, I like it when I go to restaurants and can get my favorite food the way I like it.

Sincerely, by knowing English, I feel more confident talking with different people about the weather, news and hobbies. I like that I now understand movies or series from Netflix, TV, and theaters. I love to read so I can expand my knowledge with new vocabulary each day.

In my job, I can be involved with the customers, friends, new people, and my boss, of course. My favorite part is that now I can hang out with friends and go out with them. It’s surprising what I can do when I can understand the language.

English has transformed my life. If I keep learning it, I know that I’m going to college to validate my career to be able to get a better life to help my family, friends and society.”


. If you know someone who wants to improve their English skills to more fully participate in the community, visit our website and become a learner with LCNV this fall. View our Fall Schedule here and attend one of our many registrations, beginning Monday, August 26, through Thursday, September 12.

Maryam: “I want to write about how learning English has helped me.”

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At LCNV we come across English learners with a variety of backgrounds. Interacting with them is one of the most exciting parts of our jobs – by talking to them, we are inspired, encouraged, and educated on a daily basis. Maryam is one of these unique students. In her essay, Maryam provides us a lens to see changes happened in her life after learning English. Her words not only show us the perseverance of a dedicated learner, but they also reveal a strong woman, a caring mother, and a person with a gorgeous spirit. Enjoy her essay below:

“My name is Maryam. I want to write about how learning English has helped me. When I came to the U.S., it was very difficult for me to go anywhere. Always I went with my husband or my sons. I could not drive because I didn’t understand the GPS. It was very difficult. I was afraid I would get lost because I didn’t know anywhere or anyone. I could barely speak with people.

But now, I can write and read much better. I can talk to others in little conversations. I can talk to my lovely teachers. They teach very well and have a lot of patience with students. I can read and understand the utility bills. I can even go shopping alone now! I can go to restaurants with my friends. I can talk about the culture of my country to my classmates or learn about my classmates’ culture. I learn what special clothing they wear, what their celebrations are, etc. I learn the weather in their hometowns. Now I can talk to my daughter-in-law who only speaks English. I want to learn more English for my near future because I want to eventually help women who can’t speak English.”

If you relate to Maryam’s feelings and want to help others learn English, support LCNV today.

If you want to improve your English skills, become a learner with LCNV this fall. View our Fall Schedule here and attend one of our many sign-up opportunities, beginning Monday, August 26, through Thursday, September 12.

Metshet’s Story about Ethiopia

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We all know that by helping our learners to improve their English skills, we are supporting them to better integrate into the community and settle down in their new home here in the U.S. However – how does their improved English skills impact our own lives?

Metshet offers one answer to this question. Metshet is an LCNV learner who loves sharing stories. As her English skills gradually improve, we are able to learn more about Ethiopia from the stories she tells. From her, we learn about Ethiopia’s rich diversity, unique 13-month calendar, and delicious food made with a special kind of seed called “teff”.

At LCNV, we believe that while our learners improve their English skills, they are also reconnecting with their own culture in a new context. As we go through this process with them, our own eyes are opened to ways of life that we might not otherwise get to experience. From food to festivals or philosophy, when our neighbors are empowered with English literacy, we gain a glimpse of humanity in other places around the world.


“I am from Ethiopia. Ethiopia is located in east Africa and its current population is more than one hundred million people. Seventy percent of the population are youngsters with ages less than 30 years.

Ethiopia is a multi-nationality country with more than 80 ethnic groups all living together. Each ethnic group has its own ethnic language and culture. Some of the cultures are shared in common between each ethnic group.

Among the 80 ethnic groups the Oromo and Amhara are the largest population.

Ethiopia has its own calendar which is different from other countries. The calendar contains 13 months and each month has 30 days except the last month which is 5 days, but every 4 years it has 6 days. The last month represents the leap year. Throughout the year you can see the sun in Ethiopia. Because of this it is known as the 13 months of sunshine.

There are many public holidays in Ethiopia. Among these are Timkat and Meskel which are very unique holidays and are celebrated in all parts of Ethiopia. During Timkat, masses of people march together to Nibour church (orthodox) singing a song thanking the almighty God. During the day, people wear beautiful, colorful dresses and shirts.

Injera and Wat are common traditional Ethipoian foods and are used in all parts of the country. Injera is prepared from a seed called teff. Teff is not common in any other country in the world.”


Each year, LCNV serves 1,500 from over 80 different countries who speak more than 50 different languages. When you support LCNV as a volunteer or donor, you join an effort to create a more diverse, vibrant, and equitable community. Thank you!

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