Donor Spotlight: A Holiday Gift from Macy’s

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An ongoing LCNV tradition is our Holiday Party for the families we serve, featuring festive music, holiday crafts, presents from Santa, and a potluck dinner representing the home countries of our ESOL students. This year, LCNV is proud to announce that our Holiday Party will be sponsored by Macy’s, thanks to a $2,500 local grant made through their store at Tyson’s Corner.

According to Joe Vella, Director of Corporate Marketing for Macy’s, the retail company funds five areas: women’s health, HIV prevention, the arts, education, and the environment. Within education, Macy’s places a high priority on literacy, over the last six years donating more than 15 million dollars to the national literacy organization Reading Is Fundamental. Only through Macy’s customers was this possible; during the back-to-school period, shoppers made $3 donations to Reading is Fundamental in exchange for $10 store coupons. “The customer,” Vella says, “really is an integral part of our giving back to communities.”

“It’s very important,” he adds, “that our customers know their dollars are staying in the community.” To strengthen its commitment to community-based programs in addition to national organizations like Reading Is Fundamental, Macy’s has recently divided corporate giving among its 69 districts, so that each has their own pool of money to give back to their own neighborhoods. LCNV is grateful that 2,500 of these dollars are benefiting LCNV and the families we serve. We thank Macy’s for their generous support this holiday season!

Stacy Nall, Development Specialist

You’re so kind!

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A friendly-reminder about in-kind donations as we head into our new school year!  “In-kind giving” refers to contributions of goods and services that are of value to a nonprofit organization, but are not cash. Examples of in-kind gifts are books, classroom supplies, computer equipment and gift cards.

Oftentimes when I send out fundraising emails, I receive responses from volunteer tutors and teachers that they already donate by buying supplies and books for LCNV.  Our volunteers should definitely be counting these as donations! In-kind donations can be writtenoff on their taxes, and it is also good for LCNV to keep track of them in our audited financial statements.  Staff, if you know of an in-kind gift that a volunteer has made, please give them the in-kind donation form and ask them to complete it, make a copy for themselves and turn it into Stacy for tracking in the database.  Stacy will also share this information with Randi.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me or Stacy!  Thanks!

Suzie Eaton, Senior Director of Development

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