A Closer Look at Our Community

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I just had an opportunity to review an impressive report from the Northern Virginia Community Foundation, A Portrait of Children in Northern Virginia 2010.  A comprehensive needs assessment, done in partnership with Voices For Virginia’s Children, this report revealed staggering statistics about children living in poverty, children lacking health care, teen suicides and high school drop-out rates.  Really?  In Northern Virginia?  How we have successfully blocked out or denied the full picture of our community is frightening.   We need to pay a bit more attention to the future generation beginning right now.

Working in adult education, the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia has a huge impact of the children in our community.  As the statistics will demonstrate, children who grow up in healthy families, whose parents read to them regularly and are involved in their school activities, have much greater success in school and beyond.   LCNV is dedicated to teaching adults, including new American immigrants, the basic skills of reading, writing, speaking and understanding English.   Improving literacy and language skills of parents, particularly those in immigrant families, will strongly influence the performance of their children, as well as strengthen the family’s opportunities for economic stability.

“ Parental education is a strong indicator of the likelihood that a child will experience poverty. In 2007 about 43% of Virginia children of parents without high school degrees lived in poor families. This compares with 12% of children whose parents graduated from high school and 6% of children whose parents had some college education.”

“More than 50% of the 30,000 children living in poverty in Northern Virginia are children in immigrant families.”

For more information and to read the entire report, please visit the Northern Virginia Community Foundation’s web-site:  http://www.novacf.org/page10005151.cfm

Patti Donnelly, Executive Director


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