Mapping Our Future

May 4, 2010 at 12:40 PM | Posted in Board, Development, Strategic Planning | Comments Off on Mapping Our Future

When the LCNV board and senior staff met recently to put the finishing touches on a new organizational road map for the coming years, four things became apparent:

  1. The board and staff agree that LCNV can’t rest on its laurels, no matter how well-deserved.
  2. To ensure that anyone in the northern Virginia community who wants to learn to read English has the opportunity, we must find new corporate and individual friends who will contribute to what will be a growing bottom line.
  3. We know that our teachers and volunteer force provide the backbone for this effort, and we must provide more and better training and staff development for all our staff.
  4. Finally, LCNV is ready to take on a leadership role in the literacy effort nationwide.  Already, LCNV is the 7th largest literary council in the country.  Already, other councils look to us as a model.  It is time for us to step forward in new ways to share what we have learned.

The plans are exciting.  You can find the strategic plan on LCNV’s web-site at   We invite you to join us in the work.  Increase your donation this year or volunteer an extra hour a month or bring a new friend!  But don’t miss this chance to be part of the solution.

~Kitty Porterfield, LCNV Board Member

Board of Directors Plan for a New Year at the Annual Retreat

September 21, 2009 at 5:02 PM | Posted in Board, Development, News, Strategic Planning | 1 Comment

On Saturday, Sept 12, the LCNV Board of Directors met for our annual retreat at the headquarters of the USA Today in McLean.  Some might wonder what on earth we’d talk about for a whole day, but you’d be surprised!  We had great discussions about the organization’s strengths, spent a lot of time planning and strategizing for the upcoming year, and got to know each other a little better.

Board members discuss plans for the upcoming year.

Board members discuss plans for the upcoming year.

One thing that came through very clearly was that the Board is very proud of the long tradition and mission of the LCNV.  The dedication of our volunteers, the passion of the staff, the commitment of the students to learn…all make for a very vibrant environment!  And it’s a good thing we have so much going for us, because the big goals and mission that we have agreed to take on present big challenges.

Two of the main areas the Board discussed during the strategy and planning part of the day included how to put LCNV on an even more balanced and diversified financial footing (no small job in this economic climate), and how to enhance service delivery to a greater proportion of students who need literacy services in Northern Virginia.  On the first front, we identified several opportunities to solidify what we’ve accomplished with government and foundation funding, and expand our corporate and individual support.  For enhanced service delivery, there are some very innovative partnerships with other organizations that hold great potential for success.  These partnerships would not be possible without creative leadership and a solid reputation that LCNV developed over the years as a reliable, knowledgeable service provider and respected member of the community.

So on behalf of the Board, we look forward to working with all of LCNV’s volunteers, partners, stakeholders, funders, and students to make this year one of the best for all involved.

–  Mark Troppe, Secretary of the 2009-2010 LCNV Board of Directors

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