Exciting Changes to BAL Tutor Training

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Summer can be both busy and relaxing.  We often spend a lot of time trying to relax and take a break from the work we do all year.  This isn’t the case for many old and new members of the BAL tutor training team!  On a beautiful Saturday in July, five volunteer members of the training team (Nick Rosenbach, Mary Kate Dougherty, Pat Thompson, Anne Spear and Claire Brown) and two staff members (Katie Beckman and Molly Chilton) met to discuss changes to the content, structure and presentation of the already strong BAL tutor training.  We discussed revisions to the training and made suggestions about how we could improve our support for tutors and our services for students.  In a mere two and a half hours we managed to update the content of the training, rearrange lessons to make them more relevant and condense the face-to-face learning time into two Saturdays rather than three, hopefully making tutoring a more manageable commitment to prospective tutors.

 We prepared for this meeting for a long time, rewriting modules from the training and raising concerns and conflicts.  We didn’t always agree with each other or have the same priorities.  However, at the end of the morning, we were all satisfied that this was a step in the right direction and eager to move forward.  The current training is good, but we all know it can always be better and this is a belief that drives us all in our commitment to LCNV’s mission of providing literacy to all.

 -Molly Chilton, Basic Literacy Tutoring Specialist


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