“I Have Improved”

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For newly arrived residents of the United States, learning English is a gateway to the outside world. LCNV learner Semainesh writes about this in her essay, stating that “communicating was always a struggle for me since I arrived in the United States.” Luckily for Semainesh and 1500 other learners every year, LCNV’s programs are easily accessible throughout Northern Virginia, giving speakers of other languages the opportunity to learn English. Semainesh’s story underscores the importance of learning English in ensuring that all residents can be engaged in their communities.

You can help LCNV’s learners advance in their studies and reach out to their neighbors by becoming a part of LCNV’s volunteer team! Visit lcnv.org/volunteer to find out how you can get involved.

“Learning English improved my life in many ways, now that I can communicate with the outside world easier, without struggling. Communicating was always a struggle for me since I arrived in the United States. As soon as I heard about this English program, I wanted to register as soon as possible. Thanks to Ms. Martin and Ms. Hill’s help I have improved a lot, especially in communicating.

One of the reasons I believe that learning English improved my life is because I noticed myself reading a lot which helped me in many ways, mostly while grocery shopping. Grocery shopping needs a lot of reading. English isn’t a big part where I came from, mostly everything is written in my native language. Attending English class helped me improve reading and even pronouncing words correctly.

Learning English improved my life because I struggled a lot understanding what people were saying to me in English and usually I would use my daughter to come and interpret for me. Learning English was one of the difficulties I faced because of the years that I haven’t been at school.

Thanks to the teachers, I improved a lot.”

“I Want to Achieve Something”

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Today at the James Lee Community Center, immigrants who have passed their citizenship exam will become United States citizens during a USCIS Naturalization Ceremony. One of these new United States citizens is Phuong, an LCNV learner originally from Vietnam. In her essay below, Phuong writes about her time in the United States, her discovery of LCNV’s English classes, and her dreams for the future. All of us at LCNV are so proud of Phuong for her dedication to learning English, and we congratulate her on achieving citizenship!

Learning English is a vital part of becoming a US Citizen. If you would like to help your neighbors learn English, consider volunteering with LCNV. You can find more information at lcnv.org/volunteer.

“My name is Phuong. I arrived in the United States from Vietnam five years ago. I knew that I had a lot of work to do to improve my English so that I could find a job. I have been taking English classes since June 2015 at LCNV. Before I came here I did not understand English when people were talking with me. I was scared to go out on the street. Now I feel happier than [before]. I think that I will have to learn English for a long time. I want to achieve something, and I want to see myself be better at English in the future for my life. I’d like to thank all the teachers at LCNV.”

Narmen’s Story

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Nearly 14% of Northern Virginia households can be considered linguistically isolated. LCNV’s focus on teaching English language literacy together with practical life skills helps learners break through that isolation and anxiety. LCNV learner Narmen writes about this in her essay, where she explains how learning English with LCNV has given her the confidence to navigate life, from communicating with her doctor to accessing the area’s transit options.

If you would like to help your neighbors break out of linguistic isolation, consider volunteering with LCNV. Visit lcnv.org/volunteer for more information.

“Learning English improves my life. It helps me if I go to the doctor to feel [better]. Before I was nervous all the time because I couldn’t speak English. Now I am so happy. I talk to my friends and my neighbors. I can watch TV. I can understand and I can read stories in the books. If I need to travel now, it is easy for me. I can read my travel times. I can ask someone about everything I need.”

Tan’s Story

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Learning a second language as an adult can be one of the most difficult pursuits that a person completes in their lifetime. LCNV’s learners often struggle with the sometimes confusing rules of English, from strange pronunciation, to odd rules about plurals. Imagine if you weren’t just learning English as a second language, but in addition to the multiple languages that you already spoke! LCNV learner Tan writes about this in his essay, where he shares that English is his third language.

If you would like to help learners like Tan access English classes throughout Northern Virginia, please consider donating to LCNV. Your support provides scholarships, supplemental services, and more for the 1500 learners LCNV serves each year. Read Tan’s essay below.

“In my country I didn’t study English. I came over [to the US] and I’ve started studying since 2017. I know one more language. This is the third language. I can practice with my friends or study new words and practice.”

Cesar’s Story

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“Learning English helps me talk to my friends,” says LCNV learner Cesar. As a member of the LCNV community, Cesar has learned how to speak more confidently and effectively. If you or someone you know needs to improve their spoken English, stop by one of LCNV’s FREE conversation classes at the Meadows of Chantilly on Tuesday and Thursday nights and the James Lee Community Center in Falls Church on Monday nights. Call 703-237-0866 for more details, and read Cesar’s story below.

“Learning English helps me talk to my friends. It helps me at work and talking to my boss and customers. It helps me talk to the doctor. Learning English helps me drive.”

“The Language of Science”

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LCNV’s learners come from many different academic and professional backgrounds; they are architects and poets; salespeople and scientists. LCNV learner Akbal had a 30-year career in his home country, where he spoke Arabic. When he came to the United States, he knew he had to learn English to continue his professional and personal pursuits. Now, Akbal is learning English to stay on the cutting edge of science and technology, to develop new relationships in his community, and even to watch his favorite English-language films without subtitles! Read Akbal’s story here:

“When I was in school in my country and when they taught us English, I found it [was] a very beautiful language. I like it very much. For ten years at school there were very good teachers. After my graduation from college I got a job but in Arabic so I stopped learning English for 30 years.

When I arrived in the US in 2013, I found difficulties because I couldn’t speak English well like when I went to the doctor, or the supermarket, or going to my son’s school if there was a problem with him. So I decided to learn English again to help myself live and have contact with people, and because it is the language of film which I like so much and I [don’t] want to rely on subtitles. It is the language of science so it helps me to teach my son and it helps me with technology.

The most important thing is I began to understand what doctors say about my health. The English language is commonly used so when I travel to any country I can speak with people in English.”

Antonio’s Story

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English can help people achieve their dreams in the United States. LCNV learner Antonio is able to communicate better with his colleagues, speak with his neighbors, and help his daughter in school, all thanks to his decision and love of learning English. Read his story below, and don’t forget that February 9 is your last chance to sign up for upcoming LCNV English classes! Call 703-237-0866 for more information.

“I am Antonio. I am from El Salvador. My language is Spanish. I speak English with my daughter. I got this American visa to fly to the USA. I arrived 18 years ago. I decided to speak English when all the people in my job speak English. All the time I love to speak English. I know I am practicing more on my words with my friends. We don’t have anything similar except for a few words. The difficulty for me is learning because I speak a little more. Now I can speak and can ask anything I want. I am looking for work. It is easier for me to fill out applications and I can speak with my neighbors in the community and in the school. For example, I can ask something about my daughter. I can get my driver’s license. For my future, I want to keep on with English class. I would like to speak excellent English because I want to get my American citizenship. I would like to live here in the USA all my life and maybe get a government job. We are living in the USA. English is important because English is the language all persons speak in the USA. I recommend learning English because you get a better job if you speak English. We can help friends, family and sons and wife with English. Life would be better and all would be happy.”

“I Can Help”

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Don’t forget! Your LAST CHANCE to sign up for LCNV’s classes this semester will be on Saturday, February 9 from 3:00-5:00 PM at the James Lee Community Center in Falls Church, VA. Click here for more information, or call 703-237-0866 with any questions. What can you do when you learn English with LCNV? Read Hiba’s story below.

“Learning English improves my life. It helps me to get a job, to communicate with neighbors and friends and to communicate with my children’s doctors. It helps me communicate with my children’s teachers when I go to school for a meeting. I can help my children with reading, writing and math.”

“An International Language”

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Why learn English with LCNV? In the words of LCNV learner Fatima, English is “an international language”. There are still spaces left for LCNV’s upcoming English classes, be sure to visit lcnv.org/learn to find out where to sign up this week, or call 703-237-0866 for more information.

“I learn English because it’s an international language and also we can use English and speak with many people. I am getting a good job. I want to learn English because I love it.”

“I Must Learn English”

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How many times a day do you read in English without thinking about it? While you’re driving? When you write a check? When you order at a restaurant? For many of us, reading and using English is second nature, and is an essential part of navigating the day-to-day of the world around us. However, LCNV’s learners don’t take English for granted. LCNV’s classes are designed for the beginning-level learner: someone who may not be able to read ingredients at the grocery store, or who may struggle to follow street signs as they walk to a new place. LCNV learner Orfan tells his story of learning English below. If you know someone like Orfan, tell them to visit LCNV’s website or call 703-237-0866 to find an English class near them in 2019.

“I live in the USA so I must learn English language to speak with American people and recognize everything around me like shopping centers, banks, traffic signs, restaurants and government buildings. Also, I need to learn English to get a better job and to communicate with new people. My children’s problems in school need me to speak English with their teachers. So learning English in the USA gives me a new wide field of life and makes it easier to meet all my life needs.”

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